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Despite the wet and gloomy summer weather has enjoyed a hectic time with an ever increasing number of Anglophone tourists visiting the site to plan and book holidays. With the changing seasons there comes a natural break and a good time to pause, reflect and plan ahead.

Over the last year we have remained focussed on driving greater traffic to the website and bringing more Anglophone tourists to the region. In hindsight, we could have done more to inform you, the advertisers of our progress. With that in mind I hope you find this newsletter and the articles attached an informative and useful insight, helping you to steer your business forward aware of the environment around us.

Our mission is to make the Pyrenees a favoured destination for the Anglophone tourist and drive higher levels of international travellers to your business. I look forward to growing our businesses together over the coming months and years.

Kind regards,
Nigel Clarke
Directeur d'Internet Travel Solutions


about From its early beginnings only 16 months ago has enjoyed impressive growth, catering for ever greater numbers of Anglophone tourists and spreading the word about this wonderful region in which we work. Click any of the links below to find out more:
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Trends in Tourism

trends in tourism Keeping an eye on the outside world is vitally important for any business. When that business happens to be tourism, one of the largest industries in the world evolving at a quicker pace than ever previously, that necessity grows stronger.

Next to the local French and Spanish tourists, British travellers are the biggest tourist market to capture. According to research the British spend more on holidays, travel more often and use the internet to book holidays more often than any other European country. The increasing trend towards more active and cultural holidays is another positive factor that clearly supports tourism in and around the Pyrenees.Click on trends in tourism to find out more.

Travel and Transport

travel and transport The surge in low cost travel is unrelenting. New routes and more frequent flights are taking ever greater numbers of tourists abroad at a fraction of the cost of yesteryear. Not to be outdone, the rail network is showing a continued revival and is set to play a bigger part in the way people travel as a fast, efficient, environmentally friendly option. And what about climate change? It is everywhere in the media but is it changing people's habits? Take a look at travel and transport

Online travel

online travel Technology continues to evolve and is changing the way that people run their lives. No longer the domain of the young, internet usage has spread throughout all age groups with the 'silver surfer' now a formidable force. Online travel remains the most visited sector for internet usage and a vital shop window for every tourism business. In Europe, the UK continues to lead the way in online travel consumption whilst the French surge forward after a slow start. View Online travel to find out more.

Have Your Say

Email us Feedback from site visitors and advertisers confirms that is proving to be the useful travel tool it was created to be. Not only an indispensable travel guide but as a successful advertising media. But what has your experience been? We are keen to keep moving forward and welcome your comments on how we can improve.